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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cures for Writing: Bear Lake

So I've always heard about writer's retreats and how awesome they are. You know the kind I mean? Where you go up to a cabin and write all day long and then meet with all the other writers in the evenings to discuss?  I always thought they sounded totally wicked, but I've never been rich enough to participate in one.  Don't hold your breath--I'm not participating in one even now.

I am, however, vacationing with my family at Bear Lake in northern Utah.  The lake is ginormous--like loch size--and pale blue.  It's so cold this time of year that it's difficult to breathe when you wade into the water.  There was much screeching and gasping as we all ventured in for the first time.  As with most water sources, the more time you spend it in, the more you get used to it.  The problem here is that by the time you get used to it, you can't feel certain tiny bits of yourself anymore, and you start to contemplate the blissful feeling that drifting endlessly on lake tides would bring...and realize it's time to get out.  Fast!

Never underestimate the effect an idyllic setting can have on your creative senses.  If you've ever experienced writer's block (or if you're more like me and more often than getting blocked simply have a hard time getting yourself in the right mood or mindset to write) one of the best ways to push through is to change your setting.

On top of the peaceful, grandiose or creepy lake (depending on your mood/genre) there was also some mild thundershower-type weather.  Nothing gets my imagination firing away like a charcoal gray, rumbling sky!

Of course, I might suggest not trying to write while on vacation with your teen-aged brothers. My time has been commandeered by volleyball and soccer games, dips in the lake alternated with mad dashes to the hot tub,  a little bit of TV time, a LOT of chow time, and some good, old-fashioned hang-out-and-chat sessions.  It's been great!  Relaxing, liberating--everything a vacation should be.

The only catch is...I'm not getting much writing done! :D

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