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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crime Tidbit: The Atlas Vampire Case + FREE BOOKS

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Have you heard...of the Atlas Vampire Case?

I would guess probably not. This one's pretty obscure. In May of 1932, a 32-year-old prostitute was found dead in her flat in a district of Stockholm, Sweden. She hadn't been seen for two days. The last person to see her was her friend who lived downstairs. 

The prostitute, Lilly Lindestrom, was killed by blunt force trauma to he back of her head. She'd lost far more blood than even her injury could account for. It seemed she had been drained. Yet the rest of her apartment was cleaner than it should have been. No prints or forensic evidence of any kind was found at the scene. The really bizarre thing is that her killer seems to have drank some of her blood. Police reports mentioned a gravy ladle full of blood that had obviously been consumed. *shudders*

Other clues in the case? Uh, yeah there really aren't any. This case is more than 80 years old, and most reports of the cases are in Swedish, and have never been translated, which makes it hard to find anything new or deeper on the story. There is some hint of rumor about a bloody rag that was held back by one of the investigators and later found in his possession, but it's difficult to understand if there's even any truth to that.

So, the question remains: A psychopath...or a true vampire? 

What do you think of this case? If you had to guess, what do you think the explanation would be?

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