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Monday, August 25, 2014

Writing Post Roundup

Happy Monday, Everyone! Hope you all have a productive day!

Today I decided to post a round-up of great writing post I've checked out lately. Browse through the list below and see if there's anything that would help you with your writing!

Creating Characters Agents Love and Editors Publish: Middle Grade and YA Novels. I don't actually write middle grade or YA, but I write children and young people sometimes, so I still found these tips helpful.

Editing: 5 Words to Eliminate from Your Writing. All great ideas for elimination.

The Character Name Generator. This is kinda cool. :D

Writing in Deep POV. Definitely some great tips here.

Writing the Perfect Character Flaw.

The Four Cornerstones of Great Characters

Picking a Juicy Secret to Jazz Up Your Character

Fictional Ecosystems for Fantasy Worlds

Five Foundations of World Building

20 World Building Questions for Authors to Ask Themselves

What Makes a Gimmick?

Make Your Characters Anti-Ciphers

The Art of Profanity

Writing a Satisfying Ending

If you need to get the creative juices flowing, hop over to my Musings on Fantasia blog for a creative challenge. (It involves an amazing, evocative image!)

Did any of these help you in your writing at all? Which did you find the most interesting?

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