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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Book Review: Mojave Green

So I finally got around to read the sequel to the Brothers Washburn's debut, Pitch Green. I loved the first book and, thankfully, Mojave Green, Dimensions in Death #2 is more of the same!

*Despite discussing things like plot and ending, this review will be largely spoiler-free. I tend to discuss how I liked what happened, rather than giving details about what actually happened.*

Plot: Mojave Green picks up roughly a year after Pitch Green ended. Cam and Cal--our best friend MC duo with the potential to hook up some day--are now college age and hope that the terror of the previous year is behind them. But unfortunately for them, that's wishful thinking. The terrors of the mansion return to haunt them, this time bringing new horrors and new monsters to duck. Cam and Cal had better watch their backs or their old nemeses might just catch them unawares, which would be deadly.

Characters: I loved these characters in the first book! They're just both so likable and human. I had no trouble at all relating to them. We get more of those lovable in this book, which I was glad of. We also got some new characters, my favorite of which was probably Lenny, who had a vocabulary that was made of up mostly of the word, "Dude." He made me laugh.

I will say that the "agents" in the book aren't always one hundred percent realistic. With the exception of the main one, who is friends with our MCs, they are portrayed as somewhat dim-witted, but in a YA novel, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Just be aware that this is a YA novel, and not a super-realistic adult novel where the law enforcement officers are concerned.

Writing: I think one of the reasons I was so impressed with the Brothers Washburn's debut novel was the writing. I suppose my expectations must have been low or something. If so, that wasn't intentional. I didn't even realize they were low. I read it and loved the writing. It's just so easy to read and I can totally see the story playing out in detail in front of my eyes. Such a joy to breeze through! Mojave Green was no different. Not a difficult read at all, and fun enough that you just want to keep reading until the end.

Ending: The only thing that I know may bother some readers is that the ending of this book is by no means closed. It ended on somewhat of cliffhanger with a clear intention of another book. That doesn't bother me much--except that I want to know what happens next--but I know some people aren't all about the cliff hangers. For me, I'm excited for what book 3 may hold. (Green Death is slated for release July 2015)

Overall, I really loved this book, and it's predecessor. It's clean YA horror and tons of fun to read. I would highly recommend it. :D

Has anyone else read Mojave Green? What did you think of it?

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