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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Follow Friday--Deal Breakers


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Q: What is a deal breaker for you in a book? For example, do you abhor love triangles? Or can't deal with bad editing?

I hope I can explain this well enough. I don't like it when there isn't enough importance put on love relationships. For example, when one or both of the two main love interests are casually promiscuous. I'm someone who, though I don't judge about people's histories and little black books, thinks that once the two main characters fall in love, they ought to be loyal to one another. I've read several books where they fall in love, but then one or both of them continue to sleep around and it's no big deal. This really turns me off to the characters and I tend to lose interest in the story.

Of course, this can be the case sometimes in platonic relationships, too, but it's got to be REALLY horribly done in cases of platonic love for me to put down the book. Sometimes strain in a relationship IS the main conflict, and that's fine, but if the author presents disloyalty as a trait in a character and then tries to make it seem like this is perfectly okay and normal and we should love the character anyway, then I can still get turned off to the story.

What about you? What turns you off to a book?


  1. That would really bother me to read a book where the characters fall in love and then are still sleeping around. I love books because of the fantasy love story, that's the point for me when I'm reading a love story

  2. Oh I so agree!!

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    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  3. Wow, you have a great response. Thanks again for following!

  4. That's a nice answer! I like getting swept away in the relationships as well!

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  5. Oh, I haven't thought about that answer, but you are totally right! Relationship = loyal. No other guys/girls.

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  6. I don't know that I've come across this before, but it would definitely bother me. It bothers me in real life and television/movies as well. I suppose because the love triangles I read tend to be YA, not much happens and it's usually because said brooding dude goes away for awhile and other interest takes the opportunity to step in. But after the heroine makes her choice, there's no going back for me. I don't respect unfaithful people, so I definitely don't want characters to be unfaithful. Perhaps why I never liked Bridges of Madison County, actually.
    Great answer.
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    Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason

  7. I hate it when that happens. I read one book where it was like that and I couldn't finish it. And I got so mad at the characters, I kept think "Hello, you don't do that, get mad at him he shouldn't do that"
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  9. I also agree.


  10. Good point Liesel. That's what made the Star Wars prequels so awful for me. Give people a reason to be together. Don't just throw them at each other!

  11. Great answer! Thanks for stopping by my post. Followed you back. :D

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  12. Great answer and I totally agree. I haven't read many books with characters like that, but I certainly don't want to increase that number.

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  13. I feel that way about love triangles I always think in books that we are supposed to forgive the girl for stringing along the two super dream hunks..but if it was a guy we would be thinking he was the bad guy. Think it is a double standard that annoys me!
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  14. I'm not a big fan of infidelity or sleeping around, either. Makes the character seem less stable to me. I also hate indecisive characters who simply can't choose their love interest.

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  15. I agree. I hate it when characters fall in love and then suddenly love someone else.

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  16. Oh my gosh, I would hate that! My number one requirement for me to like a book is to like the MC, and I would not like an MC that fooled around when that someone was in a relationship. Cheating is wrong - at least in my book.

  17. I can understand this one. I think that the last book in the strangels series(I mean Strange Angels) had this issue. We go on and on between this love triangle and in the end she chooses no one. Well she makes a lesbian joke (I don't have problems with lesbians just don't make it pop up in the last 3 pages) with a friend of hers. She never even mentioned or hinted at liking her or girls at all. I felt betrayed, like who the hell is the character?! Anyway, enough ranting for me. I understand. :)