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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Movie Review: Thor: Dark World

So my NaNoWriMo is progressing nicely. I wrote 3759 words yesterday, which puts me at 16062 words for NaNo and 29756 for Desolate Mantle. It's coming along beautifully and as I speed toward the climax, I get more and more excited about it.

Meanwhile, I actually managed to see not one but two movies this weekend. One, Thor: Dark World, is reviewed below. The other, Ender's Game, is reviewed HERE, on my other blog, if you want to check it out.

So. Thor: Dark World is the second installment for this Marvel (not including the ensemble effort of The Avengers).

I gotta say, I loved it! I've heard some bad reviews of this one, but don't listen to them. Maybe this isn't the next Oscar contender, but it was just all kinds of fun.

This picks up two years after the fist installment (fitting) and Thor's been away from earth that long, except for the pit stop he made in New York to help his fellow Avengers. He has Heimdall, the yellow-eyed gate man, keep tabs on Jane, though, and when she mysteriously disappears from his sight, he goes to find her.

Jane has stumbled onto the dark aether (pronounced ether) and suddenly Thor has no choice but to take her to Asgard. You know, to meet the folks.

What ensues is adventure, romance, and hilarity. In short, everything expected from super hero films these days. Chris Hemsworth encapsulates the princely god wonderfully, as usual. (Who's his personal trainer, btw?). And yes, ladies, there is a shirtless moment. Tom Hiddleston returns to play Loki with that psychotic hyena smile of his, though we love him anyway. In fact, much of the comedy is due to him. Other favorites, including Jane's intern Darcy, who also has her own, unpaid intern now, return with lots of comedy. (Darcy's intern is a guy who can totally scream like a girl. Not saying more than that, though.) I think the only character I was somewhat disappointed in was Jane's. I'm not a huge Natalie Portman fan, despite liking several of her films. But I really loved her in the first Thor film. She did such a great job. Every time anything awkward happened, like hitting the hot god with her car (you'll remember it happened several times) her expressions were just priceless. There was so much endearing comedy in that, and it was almost completely done away with in this installment. She's still spunky. In fact, she gets to full-on slap both Thor and Loki across the face. It was funny, but not as effective, in my opinion as her previous, utterly mortified facial contortions. Just sayin'.

I thought the plot was great. There was plenty of angst and tragedy. We got to see more of Asgard, which was fun. Kind of like the second novel of a dystopia where you get to see more world-building? Yeah, kind of like that.

And I gotta say, I totally loved the entire Reno Russo exchange. Remember, Asgard is a place where the women are warriors, too. Even if they aren't in the army or anything, they all know how to fight. Let's just say we get to see Rene kick some serious butt, and I totally loved it!

The bad guys were pretty one-dimensional, but evil enough to be effective. I really loved the way it all played out. So, I'd definitely recommend this one to everyone. Just a fun romp with lots of eye candy, but still packs enough emotional punch to tug at you. Just remember to stay until after the credits again! There are some credits, and then an extra scene. Then you have to wait all the way until the end. After the final studio emblems and after the theater lights come on! Trust me, it's worth it. 

Describe the extra scenes in four words, you say? Okay! "Awesome kiss" ...and... "frolicking creature." Not necessarily at the same time, though.

Come on, now you have to go see it just to find out what I'm talking about, right? Well, go for it, and have fun when you do. I might just have to go see it again myself. :D

Has anyone else seen Thor? What did you think of it?

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  1. I'mm hoping to see it this weekend! It's good to know Russo has a bigger role this time Liesel.