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Monday, June 2, 2014

Successful Launch Party!!!

Saturday was the launch party for Citadels of Fire, and it was a smash success! Lots of friends, family, and colleagues from all over came to support me. I think I had thirty or forty people there. Most of them bought copies (some more than one *squee*) and I had quite a few customers who were simply shopping around in Barnes and Noble come up and talk to me about the book and buy copies as well.

I didn't ever do a reading--the flow of things was more open house than captive audience--but I didn't mind that. I was constantly talking to different people about the book, and the time just flew by. My wonderful publicist Marissa from Jolly Fish Press stopped by, which was great because I'd never met her in person before. We just correspond via email. It was great to finally put a face to a name. 

And of course, a couple of my fellow JFP authors came out to support me as well, which I very much appreciated. Thanks Johnny and Elsie! :D

Overall, I thought it was a great success. Below are a few pictures. (Now if I can only master the art of selling a million copies! Hmm...)

Me and my 3-year old niece Cheveya, who
was much more interested in running around
the store and finding books of her own to
read than she was about my 
Me at my Citadels of Fire launch party.

Me and Author Johnny Worthen.
As you can see, he'smaking me laugh.
See his page HERE.
Me and my teenage brothers, who all put on
Facebook that their sister was a celebrity
and they were proud of her. *heart melts*

Any tips for things I could have done to make it an even bigger success?


  1. Wow, Liesel, congratulations! :) I hope Citadels of Fire will be a huge success. Cheers!

  2. It was so good to see you, Liesel! Can't wait to read CITADELS OF FIRE!

    1. Thanks Elsie. It was great to see you again, too. Hope you enjoy it! :D