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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Movie Review: Mom's Night Out

My mom brought over Mom's Night Out for us to watch on Sunday evening. I thought it'd just be a romantic comedy or something, but then I started noticing it had some actors in it that you routinely see in Christian films. 

Plot: Grey's Anatomy's hilarious Sarah Drew plays Allyson, a seriously over-worked mother of three who seriously needs a break. In the tradition of Date Night, only with all mothers, she and two gal pals plan a night out, leaving the husbands to deal with the kids. And, of course, Murphy's Law kicks in. Everything that can go wrong, does. Catastrophically. And hilariously. I didn't stop laughing the entire film. 

Actors/Characters: Many Christian films have somewhat mediocre acting, but this one featured Sarah Drew, Sean AstinPatricia Heaton, and staple of Christian cinema, Alex Kendrick. Trace Adkins also made an appearance with perhaps the most profound lines of the film. (Awesome!)

Message: Underlying Christian themes were aimed primarily at stressed out moms who expect too much of themselves and don't realize that they are the only ones who care or expect them to be perfect. The way the message was presented was actually very touching and, even though I am not a mom myself, I found the film to be very sweet. I really liked it.

Overall: A great, funny, highly-entertaining, feel-good film. It's one that will crack you up and also leave you feeling satisfied. In a warm, fuzzy sort of way. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Has anyone else seen Mom's Night Out? What did you think?

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