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Knowledge of our past is our inheritance. What we do with that knowledge will shape our destinies...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why Charles Dickens Wrote Soap Operas! :D

Did you know...

Okay, historical tidbit time! This one's fun because it's short (I promise) and it's actually about a writer!

Photo Credit: altfg.com
Did you know that Charles Dickens' masterpiece, A Tale of Two Cities was a soap opera or serialized story for the Victorian Era?

Our buddy Charlie didn't write the book all at once. He wrote it in installments for a newspaper, journal, or other episodic column. This was actually true of many of his works.

Crazy to think, isn't it, that to some extent at least, Dickens must have been a pantser, rather than a full-on plotter?

Anyway, it's said that when the ships carrying the latest installment of his story came into the bay, there were riots on the docks to get at them.

In completely unrelated subject matter, has anyone ever been to ComiCon? *winks*

Victorian Era Riot
Photo Credit: suite101.com

ComiCon "Geek Riot"
Photo Credit: iO9.com

Just sayin.'

What do you think? How much has our society really changed in 250 years, when it comes to needing our escapism, and to know how a story is going to end?


  1. Ha, I never heard of the Geek riot before. Too funny!

  2. What's interesting is that many people considered Dickens as poor literature during his time period. Maybe the equivalent of John Grisham, I think. I wonder how people will look back at our authors in 100 years.

  3. A truly great writer and those pics make you think...

  4. I don't think people have changed really at all! ;> We just have more stuff..but people do get intense about characters the love in books, tv, etc!

  5. People are people. There has always been--and always will be--fans that HAVE to have the newest thing before anyone else. They grow to love stories and characters so they want to see how it ends before anyone else, but I think we see the same thing happen every time Apple puts out their latest product. I read an article last November that there were a few stabbings over the last Nike shoe release because stores ran out and people who had to have the shoes decided to take matters into their own hands.