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Monday, January 14, 2013

Persistence of Vision Blog Tour--Day 2

Good Monday!

As those of you follow my blog regularly know, I have a dystopian fantasy book coming out on January 29, 2013 entitled Persistence of Vision. While this blog doesn't focus on fantasy, my other blog, Musings on Fantasia does.

While the Blog Tour for Persistence of Vision is going on, I won't be posting very much original content on this blog, but I will encourage you to visit the tour stops and do the periodic meme.

There are two tour stops today: a review at Beth Art From the Heart and a Guest Post as Maggie (POV's Main Character) at Itching for Books. Pop by and support these awesome bloggers! Thanks so much!

If you missed yesterday's tour stops, they're listed here.

source: courtneybend.blogspot.com

Happy Monday, Everyone!

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