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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Review + Blog Tour Stops

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A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Review

So it was Valentine's Day, 2013. My family has developed a bit of a tradition that, on this day, anyone who doesn't have any special plans or doesn't currently have a special someone just all go out together to see a movie. We'd planned to see Beautiful Creatures, and even my dad said he wouldn't mind a chick flick.

Then I realized that A Good Day to Die Hard was out. As my dad was coming and a big Die Hard fan, I kind of thought we should see that instead. Furthermore, my sister and I could go see the romantic YA flick anytime, and chances were the romance one would be more packed than the action one on Valentines. We got down to the wire and still hadn't decided, but it ended up being the timeline that decided for us. By the time we all got our ducks in a row and got to the theater, Beautiful Creatures had already started, so Die Hard it was. There was a good smattering of people in the auditorium, but it was by no means crowded, which was nice.

A Good Day to Die Hard was great! It was everything we've come to expect from a Bruce Willis action flick. It had action (obviously), humor, plentiful color metaphors, violence, but also some good, old-fashioned loyalty-to-family-is-most-important-thing-ever moments, and let's face it, the bald guy always wins! So, in short, I loved it! 

I laughed a lot. Now, anyone who knows me or has read my writing knows that I don't curse much in real life, except perhaps in jest and then not with much vulgarity, and I write little if any cussing into my writing. Despite all that, there's just something about it when Bruce Willis curses that tickles the funny bone. It's hysterical.

Warning! This film is rated R and for good reason. There are plenty of yippee-kie-yie-yah-esque lines, if you get my drift, so the language is a bit over the top, and there was also more gore than I expected. Granted, the last Die Hard movie was only rated PG-13, so maybe I should have expected more guts, but let's just say there will never be a graceful sword form entitled Man dives head first into helicopter propeller. Trust me on that.

Other than that, the film was very enjoyable. I have to say that I thought the plot of Live Free or Die Hard was a bit better than this movie's was, but it was still pretty dang good. (What can I say? Timothy Oliphant always makes a movie better. :D) Bruce Willis's "son" looked absolutely nothing like him. In fact, I thought the guy looked more Russian than American, which was weird because the story took place in Moscow. And of course there was plenty of getting stabbed or going through glass windows, then jumping right back up to fight twenty more bad guys with automatic weapons.

Good times.

In short, if you enjoy Die Hard films, Bruce Willis films, or funny actions films of any kind, you'll like A Good Day to Die Hard. If not, it may not be for you. Personally, I thought it was an enjoyable way to spend Single's Appreciation Day, but that's just me. 

Yippee Kie-Yie-Yay, Awesome Readers! And Happy Wednesday!


  1. How cool that you guys gave up the YA for the action flick and Willis rarely disappoints.
    Maurice Mitchell
    The Geek Twins

  2. I like Bruce's wry sense of humor. Plus, and maybe this is just me, but he's easy enough on the eyes to watch, even if I don't love the movie. ;)

  3. It very almost comes across as insultingly awful, but there's worse out there, I am certain of that much. However, being a part of the Die Hard franchise: it is a huge and total disappointment. Good review Liesel.