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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend Plans and Blog Tour Stops!!!

Happy Saturday, Everyone! Here in Utah, we're experiencing the 3rd straight day of sunshine and relatively warm weather. And by warm, I mean a few degrees above freezing. But that's better than we've had since October. Yea!

My sisters and I plan to go running today. They're training for a marathon. Me, not so much. I'm just trying to get myself into better shape, so I won't be running as far as they will, but still.

I also plan to get a chapter written this weekend to send to my critique group. Plus I'd like to get all my blog tour stops written for the final week in February (I'm a week ahead) and write all my regular blog posts for the coming week. If I can also schedule all my Facebook posts for the week, I'll be all kinds of on-the-ball! Wish me luck!

Today's blog tour stop is a Review and Interview on Book Club Sisters. Pop on over and see what you think. Other than that, have an awesome weekend! 

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