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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Skyfall Movie Review + RMQ


What can I say about Skyfall? I LOVED it!

Before going in, I kept hearing great things about it. Like that it was beyond awesome. Better than Casino Royale, even! (*eyebrows arch in skepticism*) and that it was the best Bond movie ever made.

All this praise worried me a bit. If a movie is really good, but not awesome, and lots of other people rave about it, a person's expectation can get jacked way up and then they end up being disappointed. Not so with Skyfall. It was everything they said and more!

In fact, I don't know how much I can add to the discussion, but here goes: very exciting. There's quite a roster of England's best actors at their finest: Dame Judi Dench is awesome as always playing M, Bond's boss who is both heroic and lovable in a touch-me-and-I'll-castrate-you sort of way. Ralph Fiennes (one of my personal faves) plays a supporting but nonetheless important role. He does a great job of  proving both an ally and a stumbling block to Bond. Javier Bardem shines as a twisted bad-guy to rival No Country For Old Men's Chigger. And the ridiculously handsome Daniel Craig plays Bond to perfection, jumping onto trains and front-flipping over heavy equipment, but pausing to straighten his cuff-links before continuing the pursuit.

(The movie is hysterical, by the way. Plenty of puns, references to Bond films of by-gone eras, and tongue-in-cheek humor. Another reason to love it!) :D

The opening sequence was a typically fast-paced Bond-chasing-an-obviously-out-of-his-league-bad-guy thing. I especially enjoyed Naomie Harris's portrayal of Eve, a female agent that bandies words with Bond and gives as good as she gets. We get a peek into Bond's childhood, which is unheard of for a Bond film, but it's handled very tastefully: enough to sate our curiosity and make us love Bond all more, but not so much as to be over-the-top or sentimental.

The essential question the film asks is whether physical, in-person assassins are needed anymore in a world of digital crime and terrorism from the shadows. Of course, for the sake of Bond, the film argues that yes, he is necessary. I think this question could be applied to all stories and entertainment. Is any of it relevant in our world anymore? The answer is yes. We need our James Bonds and our Marvel superheroes more than ever. We need them to fight our epic battles, give us hope for the future and of course, to entertain us.

And as far as I'm concerned, Bond can order his shaken martinis for as long as he cares to. Fight on, Mr. Bond. Fight on!

Did anyone else see Skyfall? What did you think of it?

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Random Movie Quotes (RMQ)!

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Yesterday's RMQ was: "Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies...Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them you have hanged. You have taken my soul, leave me my name!"

These immortal lines were said in the film The Crucible (adapted from the play) by Daniel Day-Lewis, playing John Proctor. Hannah Milton guessed this one. Great job, Hannah! Three points to you! :D

Today's RMQ is:

"Life is a cookie."

One point for film, one for actor, one for character. Good luck and Happy Wednesday! :D


  1. I've never been much into Bond movies, but I may have to see this one! Thanks for the review.

  2. Liesel, I was already planning to see it but this review really helps me get a feel for the film. Thanks! No idea about the RMQ.

  3. I went and saw it at the IMAX - totally worth it. I love Dame Judy. It was funny when I first heard the name Skyfall (and my friend who went with me agreed), we thought it was going to be the name of a top secret mission - I need to go back and watch older bond movies now

  4. Once again, Craig owns it as Bond but he isn’t the star of the show here. In fact, Javier Bardem knocks it out of the park as the creepy, but dangerous villain that steals just about every scene he’s in and kept me involved with the flick a whole lot more than I expected. Nice review Liesel.