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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Little Spontaneity Can be Refreshing!!!

This is a silly, personal post but I had a fun weekend and wanted to share it! My dad is the coolest guy in the world. I'm sure there's lots of people out there who feel that way about their fathers, but most people--even those who aren't related to him--feel that way about my dad.

His 55th birthday was on Sunday, but we decided to do a surprise party for him. He went to the Priesthood session of the LDS General Conference, which went from 6pm-8pm, and then all the guys in the family who attended went to my grandfather's house for ice cream. (This is a tradition.)

So, we all got to his house about 8pm to tape up balloons and banners. We told my younger brother, Micah, who also attended the conference to get my dad home ASAP. I told him to fake a tummy ache if need be. (Totally going to hell over here for encouraging my 12-year-old brother to lie. Hehe.)

Anyway, my uncle was also in on the surprise. He went to the conference with my dad. As soon as my dad dropped my uncle at his house, he called us to say my dad was on his way, then followed so he could attend the party.

The way my dad's house is set up, there's an entryway with a small parlor off to the side. At the end of the entry way, you can turn left and go down the hall to the bedrooms, or right and go straight into the kitchen/living room. (This house is a rambler.) So, we all hid in the kitchen--and by 'hid' I mean stood huddled together in a big clump, shushing each other and holding sharp, star-shaped confetti in our hands. So anyway, no one can stop laughing and talking as he comes up, and we're just praying he won't hear us. When the front door opens, everyone shuts right up...and my sister-in-law's phone goes off! (Dah!)

My dad doing gangsta hands in his new Raiders hat!
I hear my dad say, "Is someone standing in there?" Unlike most people, he didn't get freaked out, but came forward into the kitchen to turn on the light.

We all screamed "SURPRISE!" and threw confetti, took pictures, and jumped up and down laughing and screaming. (Basically, we blinded him, made him deaf, and scared the tar out of him all in under 2 seconds. Talent? I think so!)

Anyway, after that we gave him a few presents and chowed down on two kinds of cake and three kinds of ice cream at 10 pm. (Awesome for all our diets!)

My point in telling you all this--aside from how fun it is--is that it was actually very cathartic. I'd had a hectic week and, while this was still something to put together, it felt so great, both to celebrate my awesome dad, and to just kick back and have a good time with my family and some spontaneity. I would highly recommend it. (Along with the cake and ice cream, of course!)

What was the last spontaneous thing you did?


  1. Oh what a fun post-- thanks for sharing. I smiled and felt the fun just reading it! Happy birthday to your YOUNG dad! :)

  2. Loved reading this, Liesel! I laughed when everyone was quiet but then the DARN PHONE WENT OFF. Classic! I'm glad you all got together and were able to celebrate another year with an awesome guy.

  3. Aww that sounds like lots of fun! I can imagine the high excited energy going through the room! What a nice thing to do for your dad :)