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Monday, April 15, 2013

Book Signing Update + Announcements

So maybe this is stating the obvious, but Barnes and Noble is definitely the place to do a book signing! I've done several signings over the past couple of months and each time I've only sold a handful of books--like less than five, with three being the golden number. When you're an unknown author, that's just the way it goes, and I'm always grateful for any sale. Then, on Saturday, I went to the B & N in Layton and sha-zam! I sold like a dozen books in under two hours! Can everyone say boo-yah!

It occurred to me that it's probably because, in other places there are books, but also other things. If people come in to Hastings to rent movies, they are often reluctant to plunk down money on an extra, unforeseen purchase. I get a lot of requests for digital copies in those cases. But when people walk in to B & N, they're there specifically there to buy books--so my sales are much higher. Yea!

As for the next events, I'll be presenting a workshop for the Write for the Heights conference on 5/4. My topic is 'The Big Opening,' as in, the big opening of your story. I'll also be presenting to Wasatch Writers, a chapter of the League of Utah Writers on 5/13. At that event, I'll be talking about traditional vs. self-publishing. Both will be held in Utah, but if anyone wants to attend, just email or comment and I'll give you details.

Anyone else had any awesome, successful bookish events lately?


  1. Look at you all beautiful and professional author-like! How fun!! I think B&N also has a name behind it that offers credibility to authors and legitimizes books, even though that's just a perception rather than reality. Yay for selling books!

  2. WAY TO GO, LIESEL! Hope I do even HALF as well as you :)

  3. Exciting!! Yay for the extra book sales :D