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Monday, May 27, 2013

Vacation Recap--Bear Lake, Utah!

So for the past week I've been largely absent from the blogosphere because I've been vacationing with my family up at Bear Lake, Utah. Bear Lake is huge, beautiful, and ice cold. It's the kind of place that's almost too cold to swim in even in August. This early in the year, well let's say we all ran into the lake once and called it good. Stay in the water for more than twenty minutes at a time, and you find yourself in danger of hypothermia.

Still, we had tons of fun. My dad's company owns a condo up there that the employees can rent out for a week at a time. We do it every year, but it's really more of an R and R thing than an active vacation. We swim in the lake or (much less cold) pool, lounge in the hot tub (which is freaking hot! About 200 degrees Fahrenheit, we think) and just chill, visit, and have family time. We also play plenty of beach-y sports like volleyball and soccer, and watch plenty of movies.

We like going up to the lake in late May, rather than later in the season because it means that we're the ONLY ones there. If we waited until June, there's be hundreds of people, and more and more as the summer went on. We like having the hot tub to ourselves, and letting the babies venture out for hundreds of feet over the green without worrying about losing them in a crowd. It's great! :D

These are my youngest nephews and niece (for the time being--the next addition to the family via my sister-in-law is scheduled to make her first appearance next week) swimming together at the pool. I got onto photobucket.com to mess around and make it all artsy. Aren't they cute?

These are some other family and beach-front pictures. Unfortunately, we're not all in them. The thing is, I have eleven siblings. (Yes, you read that right: eleven. As in 11.) By the time we thought to start taking pictures, my mom and two of my brothers wtih their families had already left. Two of my younger (though no longer smaller) brothers didn't come at all. One's on a mission in Washington. The other was having some problems he had to stay home and take care of. But, this is a good few of us.

Me, my sisters, my niece, and my dad.
I'm second from the left in the ratty tank. :D
My dad and four (out of eight) brothers.

Beautiful view of the lake with my brothers and niece
playing in front of it. I love how 3-D the clouds look!
The pool and searing hot tub (in the
foreground) and my brothers--yes,
even the adult ones--lining up to go
down the water slide. :D All men are
little boys at heart!

The green in front of the condo where
we play lots of sports and let the
babies run wild!
The view from my bedroom of the condo. It's almost beach-
front property. :D

Overall, it was a ridiculously fun and worthwhile vacation. I always love kicking it with my awesome family!

So, do YOU have summer vacation plans?


  1. Yay-- I love family time. Strips me of the striving and reminds me of who I am at my roots. Glad you are enjoying. :)

  2. What an awesome time by the freezing lake and yes those kids are adorable.