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Monday, October 7, 2013

Creative Challenge: Character Sketch

Last week, I put up an image of a landscape on Musings on Fantasia and asked my readers what it made them think of. I actually got a really great reaction to that post. So, I decided to try a similar post on this blog. Only this time, its a person, rather than a place.

Look at the image and come up with a brief character sketch of who you see.

Here's mine:

This is a character from my epic fantasy series, Dragon Magic. He's a soldier from the Deep Lands, south of the Six Realms, who participates in an invasion of the prosperous kingdom. He rides a massive, ferocious black dragon and fights with a spear that spouts brown fire.

These pale-faced, black-cloaked soldiers invade my fantasy land and kidnap several of my main characters. They come from a society that sanctions slavery and even human sacrifice in service of commerce. They dabble in magic so dark, it's forbidden in the northern lands, and use it to conquer.

And they're about to be very surprised when the Six Realms fight back...

I pinned this image  (on my Character Archetypes board) because it reminded me so much of the characters in my story.

How about you? What kind of character sketch does this image evoke for you?


  1. Ooh, I LOVE this idea. Fantastic exercise. You just have me an awesome idea for a blogfest!

    1. No problem, Sheri! Inspiration IS what I'm here for. :D Thanks for stopping by! (And let me know about the blogfest. I'd love to participate!)

  2. That is a great image Liesel, since it inspires so many ideas.