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Friday, October 12, 2012

**Special Announcement** + Random Movie Quotes (RMQ) -- Rules and Points

Photo Credit: jollyfishpress.com

*Announcement: JFP's Creative Frighting Contest is in full swing! Go to this website, read some awesome short stories, and vote for your favorite! I have one in the running! If you like them, please spread the news! There are prizes for random voters! Thanks!

Random Movie Quotes (RMQ)!!!

After a couple of months of doing this meme, I'm finally getting it nailed down.

Photo Credit: thelostclassics.com

Let me explain. No, is too much. Let me sum up. (*wink, wink*)

My entire family LOVES both TV and the movies. We all have Random-Movie-Quote-Terets. As in, we blurt out movie/tv show lines in random conversation. This is totally normal at my house. Others who witness it are all kinds of stupefied. And it's not always obvious quotes, mind you. Some of them are ridiculously obscure. Of course, WE all know what we're talking about, but no one else does.

From now on, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I'm going to end my blog posts with a random movie quote. All my readers get to guess where it came from. You get 1 point for being the first to guess which movie the line is from, another if you can identify the character that said it and another for the actor. (I.e. If one person gets the movie but not the character or actor, someone else can pick up the second point for that, but not for the name of the film once it's been guessed.) And of course I'll announce the winner or winners the following day!

This post will keep track of winners and points. If you accrue 50 points, you will book paraphernalia. If you get 100 points, you'll win a free book. For 200 points, you'll get a package. After that, your point accrual will start over. (In between prizes, you won't start over.)

So, keep up the great guessing and check back to this post (I'll link it to RMQ posts) to see how many points you have! Have fun and good luck! :D

As points stand right now...(updated 10/20/12)

Alex J Cavanaugh...11 points
The Housework Can Wait...1 point
Jeff Hargett@ Strands of the Pattern...2 points
Dee @ Dee's Book Blog...3 points
Sydney @ Starry Storm...1 point
Amelia @ The Authoress...3 points
Kat @ A Myriad of Books...2 points
Kerry @ A Novel Journey...2 points
Brandyn @ Going For Goldilocks...3 points

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