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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Name of the Star Book Review

I've been wanting to read The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson for quite awhile, so when I went to the library with my sister and two-year-old niece, I was pleasantly surprised to find it on the shelf.

The thing is, the story is quite different than what I'd expected. I guess I just always either assumed or read the synopsis wrong, but I thought this was a period piece set in the Ripper's time period. "Perfect for my LKHill blog!" I thought. "It's both historical and crime!" I was wrong. It's actually a contemporary novel--more like a Ripper copycat sort of scenario. Plus, there's a paranormal element to it, which is why I probably should have reviewed it on Musings on Fantasia instead. So, let's call this a cross-over genre.

Despite being different than I expected, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was delightful! Rory is from Louisiana but due to parent/job circumstances, ends up spending her senior year in London. She's used to moving around, and doesn't have issues with leaving best friends behind or anything. In fact, she's excited to spend some time in England.

Rory is such a fun character! She's such an American! She stands around making fun of the English accents, exaggerating her own southern one, and telling people about her crazy family who have shabby couches on their front lawns and run creepy angel-ish charities.

Meanwhile, she becomes besties with her roommate and develops the hots for an English kid with brown, moppish curls. All this happens while a Ripper copycat is terrorizing London. Eventually, Rory comes to realize she may have a somewhat supernatural ability, which may have a connection to the Ripper copycat.

This was just a fun, highly entertaining American high-schooler in London sort of thing. I laughed a lot, highly enjoyed Johnson's writing style, and would recommend it to anyone! Can't wait to read the second book! :D


  1. I liked your review :) I will definitely need to read this book.

    Jackie @Jackie's Book World

  2. The cover certainly made me think it was a Jack the Ripper knock-off. Nice!